Axon: Exploring the “Host to Earn” Protocol Built on BitTorrent

Cryptocurrency researcher Liam introduces an experimental Proof of Concept protocol called Axon, aiming to enable individuals to host datasets using BitTorrent and earn tokens. This intriguing concept explores new possibilities within the crypto space. Learn more about the Axon protocol and its potential implications.

Cryptocurrency researcher Liam has shed light on an innovative experiment: the Axon protocol. This Proof of Concept (PoC) initiative introduces a fascinating concept, allowing individuals to host datasets via BitTorrent and earn tokens in return. While Axon is in its experimental stage, it holds promise for reshaping dynamics within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Axon’s Working Principle:

Establishing hosted pools on the blockchain.
Nodes earn tokens by hosting data.
Reward distribution through ZK-SNARK.
Customizable reward/token economic model with user-defined modules.
Customized Reward/Token Economic Model:

Each hosted pool features a user-defined reward module. For instance, Synthetix might reward hosts of Synthetix dApps with SNX tokens, incentivizing participation. Alternatively, an interesting dataset, such as the “facebook llama” model, could form a pool where hosting nodes receive NFTs for data distribution and fees.

Privacy Incentives:

Axon is designed to support “privacy staking rewards,” enabling anonymous token claim using technologies like Aztec or Tornado. Integration into the Dappnet client is in the pipeline, granting access to decentralized activities such as purchasing ENS domains, content uploading, and publishing on dappnet.eth.

Node Operation and Token Earning:

Users can operate a node on their laptops and earn tokens through hosting. This approach reduces the hardware requirements, unlike other nodes needing substantial memory and storage. BitTorrent’s readily available infrastructure makes this concept accessible.

Furthermore, Axon plans to leverage WebTorrent, facilitating actual video streaming through BitTorrent.

Axon’s current state is in the Proof of Concept phase, under semi-active development. The next phase involves linking it with BitTorrent nodes/contracts, adding another layer of functionality.

As the cryptocurrency community seeks innovative ways to engage, Axon’s novel concept of “Host to Earn” offers a glimpse into the potential future of crypto participation.