Binance Margin Delists 7 Trading Pairs, Including ASTR/BUSD, on August 17th

Binance Margin, a prominent cryptocurrency platform, is set to remove 7 margin trading pairs, including ASTR/BUSD, from both full and cross margin trading. The delisting is scheduled for August 17th, urging users to act promptly. Read on for key details.

Binance Margin, a leading cryptocurrency platform, will delist 7 margin trading pairs, including ASTR/BUSD, from its offerings. This change applies to both full and cross margin trading and will take effect on August 17th at 14:00 (Beijing time).

The affected trading pairs are ASTR/BUSD, AUDIO/BUSD, BAT/BUSD, BSW/BUSD, NMR/BUSD, PEOPLE/BUSD, and RSR/BUSD. Users engaged in trading these pairs are advised to act before the deadline by closing positions and transferring assets to avoid any interruptions.

Although specific pairs are being delisted, users can still trade the affected cryptocurrencies through other available trading pairs on the Binance Margin platform.

This update underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. Users are encouraged to follow Binance’s guidance for a seamless transition and uninterrupted trading.

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