Node40 Raises $12M to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Accounting

Cryptocurrency accounting innovator Node40 secures $12 million in funding, led by Card1Ventures. The investment will accelerate product development, expand the IT team, and enhance regulatory partnerships

Node40 Raises $12M for Cryptocurrency Accounting Innovation

Node40, a pioneering cryptocurrency accounting and taxation startup, has successfully closed a $12 million funding round, with Card1Ventures taking the lead. This significant funding boost marks a major step forward for Node40’s groundbreaking solutions.

Fueling Technological Advancements

The $12 million injection will drive Node40’s vision, speeding up product development and scaling its IT team. This strategic move empowers Node40 to advance its cutting-edge offerings and maintain its technological edge.

Compliance and Collaboration

Node40’s unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance receives a substantial boost through this funding. By fostering deeper collaborations with regulatory bodies, Node40 ensures its enterprise-level digital asset accounting and taxation services remain aligned with industry standards.

Node40’s Unique Position

Targeting prominent investment advisory firms, Node40 fills a crucial gap in the cryptocurrency landscape. Its services encompass vital functions such as accurate reporting, audit facilitation, and meticulous tax accounting, serving as a cornerstone for financial operations.

Charting the Future

Armed with this funding infusion, Node40 is poised to reshape cryptocurrency accounting. With an expanded IT team, accelerated development, and fortified regulatory ties, Node40 is at the forefront of transforming digital asset financial reporting.