Voyager Streamlines Operations and Initiates Fiat Compensation

Stay updated on Voyager’s latest moves in the cryptocurrency world. Discover how Voyager is optimizing its operations and compensating users in this quick update.

Voyager Consolidates Tokens and Expands Efficiency

Voyager has taken a strategic step by consolidating its assets, transferring 1500 ETH (about $2.77 million) and 2500 billion SHIB (about $2.70 million) to Coinbase. This move enhances Voyager’s operational efficiency.

Fiat Compensation Underway for Voyager Users

Voyager users involved in the cryptocurrency claim process are witnessing progress. Cryptocurrency claims have concluded, and the next phase, fiat compensation, is now active. Remaining cryptocurrencies will be sold, and the proceeds will be distributed as USD compensation to eligible users.

Previously, users could claim 35.72% of their tokens between June 20th and July 5th or opt for USD compensation after 30 days, post Voyager’s token sale. With about $81.63 million worth of cryptocurrencies still held, Voyager’s ongoing liquidation process is set to continue.